The North Dakota Broadcasters Association (NDBA) is the voice for ND radio and television broadcasters. NDBA delivers value to our members through advocacy, education, and innovation. As a highly respected trade association for North Dakota broadcasters, NDBA advances the interests of our members in state & federal government, industry & public affairs; improves the quality and profitability of broadcasting; encourages content and technology innovation; and spotlights the important and unique ways North Dakota stations serve their communities.


The NDBA is a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the State of North Dakota. The purposes of the Association are:

To promote cooperation and understanding among broadcasters, both radio and television, as well as among businesses and other organizations associated with the broadcast industry.

To foster and promote the development of the art of broadcasting.

To encourage and promote customs and practices which will be in the best interests of the public and the broadcasting industry.

To protect the members in every lawful and proper manner from inquiries and unjust actions.

To serve as a contact with other broadcast associations.

The purpose of the NDBA is to advance the best interests of the free, local, over-the-air, full service radio and television broadcast industry in the State of North Dakota and in that regard: to optimize the business and regulatory environment in which the broadcast industry operates on a state level, on a regional level and on a federal level; to advance the state of the art of broadcasting; to increase respect for and the credibility of broadcasting; to help each broadcast station to better serve the public interest; and to otherwise engage in activities and other undertakings, including but limited to PEP (Public Education Partnership) Programs which serve those purposes.

NDBA Board of Directors


NDBA Chairman
Dan Cash, General Manager
Midwest Communications


NDBA Chairman-Elect
Josh Rohrer, General Manager

Nancy Odney, Radio FM Media, Fargo

Bob Denver, KXRV, KKBO, Bismarck

Scott Hennen, WZFG, KTGO, Fargo / Tioga

Tom Ackerman, U-Mary

Andrea Johnston, KXPO, Grafton

Steve Stroud, KDXN, Dickinson

Todd Telin, KMOT-TV

Darrell Olsen, General Sales Manager, KFYR TV, Bismarck

Jodi Mishler, Bureau Manager, WDAZ, Grand Forks

Executive Director: Beth Helfrich, NDBA, Bismarck

General Counsel: Jack McDonald, Wheeler Wolf Law Firm, Bismarck