Weekly Update from the 66th Legislative Assembly

02-22-2019 | NDBA

While Crossover last week was informally considered the halfway point of the Session, North Dakota’s 66th Legislative Assembly officially is in its second half this week as Monday marks day 42 of the maximum 80 legislative days. I’ve attached the Master List of bills I’m following for the media this session which includes the current status of each in the third column, and a Hearing List for this week.

The fate of most state agency budgets, and the fiscal future for this session, will be largely decided this with two major economic forecasts. State budget analysts and the economic consultancy Moody's Analytics unveil their revenue forecast on Monday. The Legislature's own economic consultancy, IHS Markit, will present its prediction on Tuesday. If these forecasts are positive – or even rosy as many hope – then the fiscal future looks a lot better for the final rush to finish legislative work.

There are not any major media hearings this week. I will continue to follow the ethics bills to make sure they have no impact on the media. The Senate’s ethics bill, SB 2148, which is supported by the citizens committee responsible for getting the measure passed, will be heard by the Joint Ethics Committee Tuesday, March 12, at 2:15pm, in the Pioneer Room. The House version, sponsored by the House and Senate leadership, will be heard by that same committee at 3:45pm that same day.

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