Weekly Update from the 66th Legislative Assembly

03-12-2019 | NDBA

The 66th North Dakota Legislative is entering its third and final stage for 2019 - the count down to the end - as shown by the dwindling number of committee hearings and a lot more "committee work" listed. I expect conference committees, where House & Senate conferees meet to try to resolve differences over a bill, will start being scheduled by the end of next week. Monday is day 46 of the maximum 80 day session. I've heard some legislators say they might get finished by Good Friday, day 71. That's a bit ambitious, but a week or so later is not a bad guess. The 80th day is Thursday, May 2.

Not much left in the way of media-related hearings this week. We fought a good fight in the Senate Wednesday on HB 1363, a bill that would have made records of the costs used for security of public officials more transparent, but it was opposed by the Highway Patrol and that proved too much. Legislators tend to listen and believe witnesses in uniforms, and especially ones that wear guns. Opponents of the bill said it would put the security of the Governor and Lt. Governor at risk, which was blatantly untrue. It went down 15-30. You can find a copy of this bill, and any others you may be interested in, by going to the legislature's web page - www.legis.nd.gov - and then clicking on 66th Legislative Assembly and then on 66th Regular. Give me a call if you have any problems getting on the page or if you have any legislative questions.

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