ND Legislature weekly update from NDBA Counsel Jack McDonald

04-09-2019 | NDBA

These weekly reports will be getting shorter as North Dakota’s 66th Legislative Assembly continues to whittle down the number of bills remaining and the allowable legislative days deadline -80 days, May 3 - gets closer and closer. Tuesday – today – is Legislative Day 63. With a few exceptions, committee hearings are completed and now is the season for conference committees. As of Monday evening, there were approximately 56 conference committees appointed to deal with the less than 300 bills remaining alive. Conference committees are supposed to only consider areas of differences between the two chambers, but – surprise surprise – somehow new language and previously defeated measures – somehow end up in conference committee reports.

My Master List of the media-related bills I’ve following this session is attached. The current status of each bill is in the third column. Most of the media bills have already been dealt with one way or the other. One still kicking around is SB 2221, the bill that extends legislative correspondence confidentiality to that with state agencies and officials. The Senate put a few restrictions on this, but the House removed those. It is now in conference committee. As usual, let me know if you have any questions.