Public Education Partnerships

The Public Education partnership (PEP) Program offers all the advantages of broadcast advertising – frequency, repetition and timeliness.  You gain immediate access to all media markets across the state and airtime exposure at a fraction of the cost of commercial ad time.  During the course of your PEP campaign, NDBA members allocate time in their broadcast schedules to give your spots the widest possible distribution throughout the state.  In return, the NDBA requires that you not purchase advertising from any media – including radio, television, newspapers, billboards or the Internet – during the campaign.

UNLIKE PSAs (Public Service Announcements), PEP Spots are:

  • Made available exclusively through a contract with the NDBA
  • Broadcast in a variety of markets – large and small – throughout the state, giving your message wide exposure
  • Given priority treatment for available airtime from North Dakota Broadcasters
  • Aired repeatedly throughout the course of your campaign
  • Likely to air in desirable time slots (less than 20% of PEP spots air during the overnight hours.)
  • Tracked by participating stations so PEP sponsors receive a report summarizing coverage and the value of the airtime given

NDBA members support PEP campaigns – and deliver an excellent ROI (Return on Investment).  As a PEP Sponsor you pay a flat fee based on the duration of your campaign commitment – three months, six months or a year.  Revenue from the PEP Program subsidizes NDBA member services such as professional education, regulatory, compliance programs and advocacy at the state and federal level.

Is the NDBA’s Public Education Partnership Program right for You?

Government agencies and non-profit organizations using the PEP Program are diverse in scope.  What do they have in common?  They all needed to reach a broad cross-section of North Dakotans in the most efficient and cost-effective way… and they did.

To discuss a PEP Campaign, please contact Beth Helfrich, NDBA Executive Director, at 701-258-1332 or by email at